1. concept idea on how I would advertise shoes in a shoot. 

  2. spent the night in a forest.


  3. sigh.


  4. Radical Something - Ride It Out.

    It is quite an album.

  5. Brian Cox explains what a blerphout is.

  6. a little something I have been working to promote our group as a group of artist/curators

    Today is our private view opening of our Interim Exhibition and it will be open for the weekend.
    Lets hope we take this momentum through to the Final Degree Show.


  7. starting to do more work now.

  8. Everyday.

  9. The art of enlarging objects.


  10. I managed to delete all of my work from first year assuming that I wont ever go back to it. 
    That has come back to haunt me right now. All of my Pikachu pictures has been erased and the only trace of any of the photos are the ones I posted on my tumblr.